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Data Science Version Control

Data Science Version Control

Having full confidence in your models, comes with transparency, traceability and reproducibility. Get in the driver's seat with AskAnna Data Science version control. You’ll have a central dashboard where you can easily check how a result was generated. One location where you can see the input used, which results were generated, and on what environment & code the job was running. All within seconds and on just one page.

Easy and flexible templates

Easy and flexible templates

Stop doing the same thing over and over again. Just reuse the code, models and even project structures you love. It’s cookiecutter Data Science deluxe. Especially when you are working in teams, you want to be able to structure your projects so everyone gets it. Using existing or creating your own templates will make your life so much easier.

AskAnna is up and running in 15 minutes

Up and running in 15 minutes

Easy does it. Use AskAnna to create the Data Science DevOps infrastructure you want using Yaml. Setting up the infrastructure to operationalize used to take days with DevOps. Your project was on the list and probably not priority number 1. Take back control over your MLOps and easily configure your own infrastructure in 15 minutes.


Automate, Act!

As Data Scientists we understand how time consuming getting your work in production is. Creating your model, getting it to work and briefing the software engineers. But no more! We are committed to creating the best Data Science tools to improve your efficiency, collaboration, and speed. Let’s bring back the focus on the things you love doing.