November 2022

Show your token

In AskAnna we want to make it easy for you to run jobs. On every job page you find some examples of how you can start a run. In some examples you need your AskAnna token. By default we showed this token, which meant that everyone watching your screen would also see your token. Not anymore. To include your token in the example code snippets, you now first need to click on SHOW TOKEN. It’s one more click but a lot more secure.

AskAnna Show Token

Get run status via the CLI

You can now get more info about your runs in the command line using the new commands askanna run status and askanna run log.

askanna run status "{RUN_SUUID}"

Do more with runs via the Python SDK

In November we released a refactored version of the AskAnna CLI & Python SDK. With this release, we also introduce some new options for the Python SDK. For example, you can now:

  • get run result, artifact, payload and log
  • delete and change a run or job
  • create and delete workspaces or projects
import askanna
run_info ="{RUN_SUUID}", name="{NEW_NAME}")"{RUN_SUUID}")

Also new is that if you want to get a run result, artifact or payload, you can choose wheter you’re going to get th result as a variable in Python or save it directly to a file.

import askanna

# Get the result as a variable
result ="{RUN_SUUID}")
# Or save it to a file"{RUN_SUUID}", output_path="result.csv")
Fore more see the Python SDK docs

Dark theme for documentation

More and more people see how friendly dark mode can be to the eyes. With this update we added support for dark mode on our documentation site.

The AskAnna Docs in dark mode