July 2021


For scheduled jobs or long runnings tasks, we hope that sending notifications will help you. With notifications, it’s no longer necessary to keep an eye on the AskAnna run page.

      - [email protected]
      - workspace admins

On the job page, you can also see if notifications emails are configured:

Notifications view

Read more about notifications in the documentation.

Environment images: run Python, R, Julia, C++, etc

In AskAnna, you can now configure the environment image to use. This makes running non-Python projects a lot faster. For example, you can refer to the Julia image to run a Julia script:

  image: julia

And to help you to reproduce results, on the run page you can find the environment used:

Environment image used in AskAnna run

You can try any image published on Docker Hub, or pull an image from your private registry. Read more about environment images in the documentation. Or try our demo:

Demo: run TensorFlow

Remove jobs and runs

It was already possible to remove a project in AskAnna. You can now also remove a job or run. And if you decide to stop using AskAnna (hopefully not), you can also remove your workspace.

Remove a run

Ignore files

When you use the AskAnna CLI to push code to your project, you might want to exclude some files or directories. Inspired by gitignore, we added support to ignore files and directories.

You can now add a file askannaignore or .askannaignore and set what should be excluded when you push code to AskAnna. Do you already have a .gitignore file in your project directory? Then you can use that as well.

Live updates of run log

To see the log, you don’t have to wait anymore till the run is finished. Now we update the log while the run is in progress. Hopefully, this helps you to check the status of an active run.

Live updates of run log AskAnna

Support for code blocks in descriptions

Actually, it was already possible to add a code block in a description, but the autoformatting was not working pretty well. With the new version of the description editor, we improved this.

In the editor, you can now select the language that AskAnna should use for formatting the code block. Also, you can copy the code block with a single click. Hopefully, this will make life a little easier.

Support code blocks in AskAnna descriptions