January 2023

Search for a run

You can now search for runs in AskAnna. It will search for the name or SUUID of a run. If you give your run a name, this will make it a lot easier to trace back a result.

Search for runs in AskAnna

To make this possible, we have extended the AskAnna API and added a search parameter to the endpoints that query workspace, project, job and run data. We also extended the CLI so that you can use the search parameter here as well.

askanna run list --search "Try out"

The Python SDK also supports the search option:

import askanna

run_list = askanna.run.list(search="Try out")

New CLI commands

If you want to get info from a workspace, project, job or run, you can now use the info subcommand:

askanna run info --id

To use the run info directly in your Python project, you can use the Python SDK:

import askanna

run_info = askanna.run.get("{RUN_SUUID}")

Another new command is that you can directly check the run log using the CLI:

askanna run log --id

AskAnna CLI demo of run commands

View PDF files

In the AskAnna platform you can now view PDF files. Don’t get distracted by first downloading a file and then opening it in another app. You can keep your focus with AskAnna.

View PDF files in AskAnna