January 2021

Launched our public Beta

We launched the free Beta version of our platform. If you want to try it or use it for one of your projects, you can sign up within a minute.

Sign up for the free
Beta version of AskAnna today!

Run a job using the AskAnna CLI

You can now run a job using the AskAnna CLI. Install the CLI, and you only have to run the command askanna run.

When you are working on a project, you can also add the name of the job. Using this will enable you to start jobs while working on your project. Run your experiments in the background while you continue working on your project…or something else.

askanna run JOB_NAME

Read more about runnings jobs using the AskAnna CLI.

Python SDK for AskAnna

We made a start with the Python SDK for AskAnna. With this version, you can manage runs and variables via your Python application.

Read more about the Python SDK in our documentation.

Support by chat

Happy new year! We started 2021 by adding support on the web interface of the AskAnna platform. You can click on the support icon in the bottom right, and you can start a chat with us. You can ask us anything. We can’t promise that we can help you with everything ;)

AskAnna support