The AskAnna Frontend is open Robbert, 23 February 2023
AskAnna Frontend project on GitHub

We are proud to share that the AskAnna Frontend is published as an open source project on GitLab and GitHub. It’s our follow-up on the promise that you can keep your freedom with AskAnna. It’s also our way of being transparent.

The AskAnna Frontend project is published under the BSD-3-Claus, which is one of the approved licenses by the Open Source Initiative. This means that we are transparent about our code and will also give you much freedom to use it without a requirement to pay a license fee to AskAnna.

By making this part of our project open source, it’s also possible that everyone can contribute to the project or find inspiration in how we did it.

Our frontend stack primarily uses Vue.js and leverages the Composition API for over 90% of the components. We use Pinia for store management. Pinia is a modern and intuitive state management system for Vue.

We utilize Vuetify, a popular UI component library for Vue, to provide a polished and streamlined user interface. This library offers various customizable and reusable components, allowing us to rapidly build and maintain a consistent design system.

To streamline development and building processes, we use Vite. Vite is a fast, modern, lightweight build tool that provides instant hot module replacement, lightning-fast bundling and a seamless development experience.

By utilizing this frontend stack, we have aimed to deliver a performant and reliable user experience that is both developer-friendly and scalable.

Feel free to check out the repo to see how we set up the AskAnna Frontend project. And if you want to contribute, let us know!