Search, sort and filter projects in AskAnna Robbert, 25 May 2022

Sometimes you want to use features like filtering or sorting a list of projects. But most of the time you don’t need it. At AskAnna we love clean interfaces and we don’t like distractions. That’s why we build search, sort and filter in such a way that we don’t show them by default. And when you need them, you can unhide them with a single click.

Project filters in AskAnna

In the project and workspace lists, you’ll find the filter icon on the right. If the icon is empty, no search or filter is active. When a search or filter is applied, the filter icon is filled. You can now easily see if a filter is active. Even if the search, sort and filter options are not visible.

Another update we’ve done is to make it easy to see if sorting or filtering has been applied. For example, when you sort the list you can directly see which sorting is applied by looking at the button. In addition, when a filter is active, we change the icon’s color to AskAnna purple.

Project sort label in AskAnna

The search, sort and filter updates are now available on explore workspaces, explore projects and the workspace project list. With this update, we want to make some features available that you may need if your workspace has many projects.

We tried to make these new features so that you don’t get overwhelmed when working with AskAnna. If you open AskAnna for the first time, or if your workspace doesn’t contain many projects yet, you only see the new filter icon. We tried to keep it simple. Please, let us know if you have any feedback or ideas.